Irene Marquette

Performer, director and writer based in Chicago.
Assistant manager and teacher at iO and teacher at Annoyance.

Represented by Paonessa Talent 773.360.8749

"Profound and uproariously funny." - Huffington Post
"Hilariously strange" - Chicago Reader
"Curated by the sharp-eyed Irene Marquette, which is in itself probably enough to recommend it."
- Time Out Chicago

                       Upcoming Shows

  • The Raven and the Messenger; a new play about Jim Jones and his rival, Father Divine, opening at the new Annoyance space in 2014! Created/directed by Irene, written by Charlie McCrackin, starring Greg Hollimon and Paul Jurewicz
  • Untitled Sketch Show (performer, writer) directed by Mick Napier, opening at the new Annoyance

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